Client Testimonials

I had the opportunity to attend one of Nkozi Knight’s LinkedIn presentations.

Nkozi took it upon himself to develop a detail program and presentation for all team members at the Wells Fargo Servicing Operations site in Milwaukee, WI. He was able to form a personal connection with his audience, the new LinkedIn member and the experienced All-star LinkedIn member. I found his presentation to be very informative and interactive.

In addition, Nkozi provided endless number of individual LinkedIn sessions for team members as they were developing their profile. If it would not have been for Nkozi, many of the team members would not have a quality LinkedIn page and a social network presence.

~ William R. Buege (July, 2015)

From day one Nkozi Knight was committed to my personal success. He is a mentor first, investing in people to make them successful in what they do. It is through that shared success that Nkozi and his teams achieve beyond expectations. He creates an environment where excellence is the standard. Nkozi continually demonstrates the value in investing in people, and working through people to achieve common goals.

~ Tyler Matteucci (July, 2015)

Mr. Knight has been a wonderful mentor to me throughout my professional journey. He constantly challenges me to seek out the professional opportunities that will help me reach my full potential. He has helped me grow professionally by  identifying the gaps which have hindered my career growth and helping me to make the right career changes to stay competitive in the job market. During my career transition he provided me with resources and tools to make the transition easier. He contributed his time to help me revise my resume, LinkedIn profile, and social network presence to stand out to employers.

~ Jessica Cunningham (June, 2015)

Nkozi has been pivotal in helping me to effectively articulate my personal strengths, experience and accomplishments in my cover letter and resume to engage prospective employers. Not only has he given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and take more risks, he has also helped me to define my goals to get to the next level in my career. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their personal brand or making a career change.

~Shella Brown (June, 2015)

Nkozi provides exceptional services when comes to preparing yourself for your new career. During my time with my current employer Nkozi has assisted in helping me with sculpting my resume and coaching for interviews which has lead me to move forward in the company. I highly recommend Knights Investment Group for any professional career development needs.

~ Linda Adams (May, 2015)

Mr. Knight has been a great mentor and support throughout my career. He has assisted me in so many ways allowing me to see my talents/gifts and all that I have to contribute to a company. Overall he is a great person who not only cares about helping you achieve your career goals, he cares about you as a person. All his attributes as a whole make him one of a kind.

~ Carol Caraballo (April, 2015)

KING helped me create a more professional LinkedIn profile that helped me get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers in the field I want to work in. They also helped me tailor my resume to the specific job I was applying for. I highly recommend their services.

~ Sonya Perkins (March, 2015)

On September 9, 2014, my professional enhancement boot camp with Nkozi Knight began. Nkozi incorporated the following fundamentals into my career development plan:

• Written correspondence
• Interpersonal/Social development
• Goal Orientation
• Future business strategies
• Motivational drive to exceed

Each month Mr. knight implemented each aforementioned strategic goal into my professional development plan, while placing a strong emphasis on quality and professionalism. Ten months later I was granted the opportunity to transfer to Des Moines, Iowa as a (SME) Subject Matter Expert for the Property Condition Inquiry team for the Wells Fargo Asset Management department.

During this boot camp training, I was challenged to strive and never settle. I am truly grateful to have had a mentor/development consultant as Nkozi Knight.

~ Danielle T. Lee, MBA (September, 2014)

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