Knight INvestment Group

For more than 10 years, KING, LLC. (Knight INvestment Group) has strengthened managers, community leaders, and individuals in organizations to build departments, teams, and boards that deliver superior results. By strategically aligning leadership, professionalism, talent, and culture, our consulting and coaching services, workshops, assessments, and seminars help organizations to not only plan, but also take action, leveraging action learning to create real results and real change.

We pride ourselves on building better communities and companies through a hands on approach to leadership and professional development.

Mission and Values

Through our network of leaders and business professionals, we integrate proven ideas and methodologies and apply them to learning experiences that include, but not limited to, leadership events, business consulting, diversity awareness training, financial education, and coaching/mentoring. At KING, we look to inspire people, generate ideas, and provide practical approaches that make positive change a real part of day-to-day life.

  • We value our People
  • We value our Communities
  • We value your Future
  • We value your Success

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